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Meet the team

Derrell Spann (CEO)

– After 20 plus years in marketing of spirits throughout the country he joined Grand Leyenda (Tram Spirits) as President in November 2013 after meeting Jesus Santoyo, Founder in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was originally offered a position to represent the brand for all sales and marketing efforts. During the negotiating conversations collectively they agreed to a equity piece of the business and control of the brand. In November 2015 Jesus expressed interest in leaving the brand to run his family construction business in Mexico and San Diego. Derrell’s love for the brand and his experiences in Mexico seeing first hand the culture of tequila as a whole and what it takes to make our products inspired him to purchase the brand from Jesus. This endeavor has made Derrell one of the few African American owned Spirits Company and the only African American Owned Tequila company in the United States.

Mr. Spann also has vast experiences over his career which have led him to develop and execute marketing programs and general business solutions resulting in increased company exposure, customer traffic and sales for a number of brands. He has worked closely with company executives to identify new business opportunities and routinely participated in the sales process. He has worked extensively with spirits companies such as Beam Global Wines and Spirits, Brown Forman, Moet Hennessy, Remy Martin, Diageo and Seagram’s. These experiences, relationships and the team behind him positions him to lead this brand to reach its potential.

Grand Leyenda is a brand that enjoys a rich legacy. Established in 2000, this legacy begins with the Santoyo family. A family with rich history and roots in Mexico. This family history provides Grand Leyenda an enviable position within the market place. A family tradition of hard work and integrity is at the very foundation of their prestigious brands.

Having a keen understanding of the most fertile grounds in Guadalajara Mexico to grow and nurture the finest Agave plants was absolutely essential in their journey. They understood that it took approximately 10-12 years to harvest the highest quality Agave plants.

What is even more significant is that the Grand Leyenda Tequilas are Estate Grown, and follow a natural fermentation process. Grand Leyenda Tequilas are “organically certified”. These ultra premium tequilas receive their complex taste from the world’s finest organic harvesting and distillery processes.

Hue Jackson (Partner)

Hue Jackson, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for Grand Leyenda. He is responsible for leading Grand Leyenda into the marketplace as the best estate grown, 100% organic tequila through vision, innovative strategic approaches, and collaborations for the wellness of the brand and the consumer. More than a familiar face in sports, Hue Jackson is also the face of Grand Leyenda Tequila along with Derrell Spann, President and CEO.

Hue Jackson is also an American football coach and the current offensive coordinator for the Tennessee State Tigers. He has served as the head coach for the Oakland Raiders and the Cleveland Browns and has been an offensive coordinator for multiple teams.

Hue Jackson -Partner at Grand Leyenda